Pet Owners’ Testimonials

Raw Prey:   I have been feeding my 4 cats for the past 4 days with your Raw Prey for cats with some added digestive enzymes.  I’m happy to report that 3 of the 4 cats have taken to the food instantly.  It will take a few more days to slowly transition my one most finicky eater.  One of my cats is 18yrs. old and she has had 2 strokes, probably caused by feeding her dry commercial cat food. Over time she has become more and more thin and I’m happy to see she is eating more now.  The finicky eater is 13yrs. old and has spent most of his life throwing up every meal served to him.  I’m very happy to report that he has had several meals with the digestive enzymes and he has NOT thrown up again!!  My other 2 cats are both 11yrs. old and are overweight, one is borderline obese and the other has had 2 serious kidney infections. I am hoping that over time these 2 will achieve a healthier weight and be free of kidney problems.  Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing!!  Margaret Duffy, Fairfield Ia.

                                  General Testimonies on Raw Meat Diets

A Since I’ve been feeding Molly a raw meat and bones diet, her fur is shinier, her skin is no longer itchy, her teeth are sparkling and her breath is fresher — really. I want to share my knowledge and dispel misinformation about raw feeding.

When Sam came to me over a year ago, she had basically no hair and very fat. Vet check and of course hypothyroid. Vet tells me not expect her coat back. Lo and behold, it has all come in- in fact her coat is gorgeous now. What is different than the other dogs my vet sees? Diet!

Before Panny went raw she had lost all black pigment on her nose, eyes, and muzzle. She also had little sores, like boils all over these areas and those areas were always swollen. Panny could not go in the sun at all. Vet wants to put her on steroids, I take a leap of faith and switch to raw. Six months later (4.5 years ago) Panny’s Lupus is in remission–no drugs at all. Only change: diet.

Bear, 10yr old Border/Collie/LabX. Idiopathic Epilepsy. Bear’s seizures were so bad her vet was afraid she would snap her neck and badly injure herself. 5 years ago, I refuse drugs, instead giving acupuncture and change to raw. 4-5 months into raw & continued acupuncture—no more seizures. Bear has not had acupuncture for about 4 years and has remained seizure free. Only change: diet.

I’ve been feeding raw for over four years, so don’t have a few generations of only raw fed dogs. I started because my 10 y/o Lab had hypercalcemia. Six weeks of vet testing and surgery provided no answers. The dog was miserable. Would lie around and had no energy. I was told that she would live out her life with high calcium levels and constantly wanting water. Not good enough for me. Research led me to raw and a different renewed quality of life for my dogs. Calicum levels dropped in less than three weeks and the dog lived a high quality life until almost fourteen. She had more energy and better health at 12 and 13, than she did at 10. Great teeth, breath, skin, eyes.

Vet?? who’s that? no visits required…each & every person I meet comments on his lean, muscular physique..his endless energy & pink gums & tongue…his glossy black coat…a truly splendid animal to see..looks like a stallion…all long legs, sinewy muscle.

So really, not a dramatic story like others may have but I feel so much dismay out there seeing other dogs…doughy & overweight…gunky eyes…dull, lifeless coats & eyes…breath like a dragon…such short lives being wasted with inferior health when it doesn’t have to be that way. Truly a shame & mankind should be ashamed for what it has done to our cats & dogs…& even the way mankind feeds itself. It is a travesty & one that feeds the drug companies to treat the symptoms & not the cause. It makes me sick…

General Testimony on Chicken Necks

My 2 boy cats didn’t quite know what to do with them at the beginning, but soon started happily gnawing away. One of my cats absolutely loves them! I feed outside, as the boys tend to carry them around a bit and they are kinda messy. I feel like I’m doing something good for their teeth and gums, and general nutrition, by feeding to my cats once a week. The fact that they are organic is a real plus.

 My Dog (Mastiff) is allergic to wheat so I had serious issues finding enough quality satisfying food for my large breed. Once we got turned on to this line of raw products my worries were over. He is happy and healthy and loves the chicken necks so much they are the first to go at every feeding.

The organic chicken necks are excellent for both dogs and cats. For my cats, I cut them into thirds. If you have never seen a dog/cat eat raw, it is an entirely different experience. It brings out qualities that they would experience if they were hunting and eating in the wild. They chew more with the side teeth…and it keeps all of their teeth clean. i have never had to have my animals teeth cleaned…just watching them is a real pleasure!!