DIATOMACIOUS EARTH (DE) with pure essential Clove bud oil

Generally Recognized As Safe  (GRAS)

EPA-Green Pesticide


Safe for pets and people, Diatomaceous Earth kills by physical action- not chemical. The tiny diatoms scratch off the insect’s waxy coating, and dehydrate it. DE is also an effective organic wormer and will kill  worms or parasites the pets may have as a maintenance program. Check with your Vet annually with a stool sample. From natural geological deposits made up of the fossilized skeletons and tests of siliceous marine and fresh water organisms, particularly diatoms and other algae. These skeletons are made of hydrated amorphous silica or opal. Crushed mechanically to the consistency of fine talcum powder, which appear like tiny pieces of glass under high magnification.




Completely natural and safe for humans and animals.  Does your baby pet and cuddle with your dog or cat? And play around his/her bedding?  Use DE instead of poisons that can get onto your child’s hands.  Our human grade Raw Prey Flea and Tick powder is so safe you can eat it, yet it kills insects by ingestion/dehydration within 48 hrs


  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Kills bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, crickets, millipedes and centipedes (use in cracks around house)
  • Kills insects by ingestion/dehydration within 48 hrs
  • Head lice prevention
  • OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening (but remember in can kill beneficial insects too)
  • A natural deodorizer for garbage cupboard or refrigerators
  • Kitty litter supplement for extra absorbency and odor control
  • Soft scrub cleaner because of its abrasive properties
  • Oil stain remover in garages and driveways
  • Stain remover for carpets
  • Polishes metal when made into a paste


WARNING:  When applying avoid inhalation as the slivers can enter your lungs.  We recommend that you pour DE out gently into your hands and rub on your pet's coat avoiding his nose.  Rub gently onto the head of your child for lice without dispersing powder. It also voluminizes hair for that fluffy look::))  We will also be making a spray with essential oils that repels rather than kills.

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There is purpose to everything in creation.  Insects are no exception! The cockroach eats the food you leave behind.  Bats eats the mosquito.  Maggots consume the corpse. Mankind, unaligned with Source has weaponized mosquitoes and ticks. However we still can be compassionate and protect our selves.

No Kill & Kill Flea, Tick control  DOGS, CATS & PEOPLE

Light to Moderate (No Kill):  Use Raw Prey Flea & Tick “Repellant” spray NO KILL made from organic and wild crafted essential oils (repels mosquitoes too)  Spray on your dog,  your child & yourself before going out. Repeat when scent is gone. Spray on cat's back of head, neck and a little down the spine where the cat does not clean itself.  Use this powder on feet, hinds, tail, etc.  Safe to eat.

Moderate (No Kill + Kill): Add more Diatomaceous (DE) Earth Raw Prey Flea and Tick “Powder” (KILL) to Raw Prey Flea & Tick “Repellant” NO KILL spray bottle.  Spray. Repeat when scent is gone.

Heavy concern: Rub Raw Prey Flea & Tick “Powder” into your pets coat.  To avoid inhalation for yourself and your pet, put product on hands then wipe vigorously into coat & under fur every few weeks. You can spray with Raw Prey Flea & Tick “Repellant” (no kill) as an overlay to prevent bugs from landing.

For Your Home, Carpets & bedding

No Kill Plan:  Raw Prey Flea & Tick Repellant (spray): As the flea & tick season begins & the ants are marching in, first spray the inside of your home under cabinets, in cabinets entrance doors, etc. with Raw Prey Flea & Tick “repellant” requesting in consciousness that they leave your space. Spray a few times during the week.

Barricade Plan (No Kill + Kill):  Having warned them to leave your space with the No Kill Raw Prey Flea & Tick Repellant (spray), sprinkle Raw Prey Flea & Tick Powder around the outside perimeter of your house; in the cracks inside your house and wherever they seem to be entering.  The powder contains Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - small natural fossils, which will kill those who attempt to enter the premises.

Vacuum up powder on bedding and carpets after a few days!









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