Organic Frozen Raw Chicken, Organs, Bones - 1 lb.

(1) 1 lb Package
Fresh Frozen. No grain or veggie fillers. Just ground chicken, organs and bones. This product is ground twice, first through a bigger screen and then through a smaller screen.  This grinds the bones down to a very small fragment. Smaller dogs and cats would benefit from this product.  Animals have a very high hydrochloric acid content in their stomachs allowing them to digest the bones.

PRODUCT COMPONENTS: We sell each food component separately and you mix fresh at feeding time. In this way each component maintains its own integrity. We feel that mixing fresh veggies with fresh raw meat, then canning, freeze drying or freezing has a synergy and chemical exchange that does not enhance the quality of the food.

Mix with Organic Frozen Raw Veggie Buddy, pre-crushed for easier digestion. Add a little Raw Prey Animal Detox & Maintenance formula to maintain worm resistance and to detox heavy metals and other toxins in the environment. Click for detailed Feeding Guidelines.

Remember cats are obligate carnivores and do not normal eat vegetables except that found in the gut of their prey.  We give a smidgeon of raw veggies a few times a week.


Price: $5.00

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